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MOPAC Community Seed Fund (Knife Crime)

The Mayoral Knife Crime Strategy has committed to providing new funding to support grass-roots community groups involved in protecting young people and ridding our communities of violence.

MOPAC has made £250,000 available in 2017/18 to fund activities from voluntary and community groups/providers. 

The MOPAC Community Seed Fund will only be available for one year.

The objectives of the Fund align with the commitments stated within the Mayors Knife Crime Strategy which include:

- Supporting communities in London disproportionately affected by knife crime to respond better to their needs and issues
- Building a better understanding of the impact of grass roots services on accessing and supporting young people affected by knife crime
- Providing relevant diversionary and support services for young people engaged in knife crime in London
- Supporting small organisations in start-up and development of services and developing and growing their contacts to build more sustainable delivery models.

Applications are open for new and existing prevention and intervention work and can include core, staff, volunteer, operational, activity and publicity costs.

Grant value: 
Up to £50,000
5pm - Thursday 21 December 2017
How to apply: 

See application form and further details at www.londoncf.org.uk/grants/available-grants/lambeth.aspx