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Mamma Mia! The Party - Lambeth Council to debate the application

On 7 November, Lambeth Council will be debating whether or not to approve the application to site an ABBA-themed nightclub-cum-restaurant on that rarest of commodities: an unbuilt-on patch of the Coin Street Community Builders' (CSCB) estate. 

Unfortunately, this patch is also very close to the homes of many people who live in Coin Street-controlled housing co-ops, and many of them object to the plan.  Why?  Partly because of the numerous expected nuisances which revellers will cause them and their neighbours; partly because they want this site to be used for social housing.  They remind CSCB that when the Coin Street Action Group won the rights to a significant slice of near-derelict South Bank land, paying just £750,000 for 13 acres in 1981 - cheap for the time - it was on the platform it would use it to build a co-op housing community.

Talia Shadwell explains in greater depth (The Guardian, 6 Nov 2017), what residents feel about all this, as well as putting Coin Street Community Builders' defence.  See www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/nov/06/abba-mamma-mia-party-restaurant-w...

Posted Date: 
7 November 2017
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7 December 2017