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Healthier Lambeth event - public consultation. Thur 22 June

Everyone is invited to come and hear about the future of health services in Lambeth and south east London  at the Healthier Lambeth event taking place on Thur 22 June from 4.30pm – 7.30pm at the Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, Brixton, London, SW9 7PH.

This event has been organised as the NHS is one of our most valued institutions.  It belongs to us all - and a partnership of healthcare professionals, patients and local residents have come together to make sure that the NHS in the future is as good, sustainable and cherished as it is now and has been in the past.  

This can be achieved, but there are challenges: Lambeth, has a growing population as birth rates rise and people live longer.  With increasing life expectancy come ailments of old age such as heart disease and arthritis, which means that the NHS needs to adapt and change to meet the increasing demand on service which they impose.

Read more about how efforts being made to improve health and care services at www.ourhealthiersel.nhs.uk

This event will have a number of stalls showing how health services in Lambeth are changing.  They will inform on:

- community based care – local care networks, making best use of GPs, pharmacies and community support, self-care and managing ongoing health issues  

- urgent and emergency care - alternatives to A&E including GP hubs, out of hours doctors and pharmacy,

- apps and phone lines – Health Help Now and 111, rapid response schemes to keep frail older people and vulnerable young people out of hospital     

- services for families – better support for asthmatic children, wellbeing initiatives for young people and enhanced mental health support for pregnant women and new mothers

- planned care - plans to improve quality of care and outcomes for people needing inpatient orthopaedic procedures 

- mental health services – ambitious plans to provide more effective community-based support, developing the Living Well Network and the Integrated Personalised Support Alliance, and the GP Plus scheme

- how we can better use technology

At the end of the event a panel of local clinicians and experts will answer some of the questions raised during the session.

Anyone interested in attending can just drop in on the day.  However, if you would like further information in advance, please confirm your attendance either by going online via this link for Eventbrite www.ourhealthierlambeth.eventbrite.co.uk where you can confirm your attendance and a ticket will be sent to you via email, by emailing gemma.novis1@nhs.net or by phoning 020 7017 2012