WaCoCo promotes the social and economic wellbeing of the people Waterloo by supporting the sustainability and effectiveness of local community and voluntary organisations through drawing in funding, encouraging local partnerships and networks, and increasing their voice on local issues.

Lambeth Community Fund

The Lambeth Community Fund is a charitable venture set up to support the borough today and long into the future, responding over time to the changing needs of local people. It was established in 2008 by the transfer of the trusteeship of the Pedlar’s Acre endowment from Lambeth Council and has so far awarded over £2.1m in over 250 grants.  Between April 2013 and December 2015 these grants supported almost 55,000 people, which represents one in six people resident in the borough.

The Lambeth Community Fund focuses on improving the wellbeing and quality of life of Lambeth residents.  ‘Wellbeing’ covers a broad range of components that an individual needs to live a full and well-rounded life. 

Before July 2017, the Lambeth Community Fund consisted of several separate grant programmes.  Now the awarding panel have consolidated all these separate programmes so that community groups can apply to one fund with one set of criteria.

Grant value: 
Usually `3500 - £10,000. Occasionally more - up to £20,000
Round 1 - 5pm on 17 Nov 2017; Round 2 - 5pm on 4 May 2018
How to apply: 

Online application form.  See www.londoncf.org.uk